Five big questions for Jan. 27, 2014

By: Whitney Carlson

1.  Big-name news organizations are growing their online audiences, yet their revenue is still made through newspaper advertising. As the newspaper market shrinks and websites grow, how will these news organizations make money?

2.  If old technology doesn’t disappear, it merely shrinks, what new roles will old technology play in the future? What will it look like?

3.  If a clear point of distinction doesn’t exist between user content and media outlets, how do you tell what is or isn’t public news? When does a community turn into an audience?

4.  How do journalists and news outlets handle the “amateurization” of media? Does it hurt or help journalism?

5.  Do you agree with the idea that professionally published work is less valuable now that anyone can publish online? Why or why not?


About Whitney Dawn Carlson

I'm a digital communications professional and a big fan of coffee, cats and gluten-free baked goods.
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