5 questions for Feb. 17- Sam Pimper

  1. Newsrooms receive an abundance of phone calls, emails, and social media feedback on a daily basis.  You want your core audience to feel important in the news-process but addressing all of these things is not possible.  How should we go about the process of deciding what to respond to and what to not?

2.  Rather than simply being accessible to our community through social media and other outlets, would it be more beneficial for news organizations to actively recruit the public for input, and to let them help shape our organizations agenda?

3.  How can journalists go about fostering better conversation in comment sections to help build community ties?

4.  Do we as journalists need to do a better job of holding “how to” sessions for our community on how to use blogging, social media and other media creation tools?

5.  How can we do an overall better job of being in constant conversation with our community so we can meet its wants and needs through what we cover and report?




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