Five Discussion Questions – Mar. 3, 2014

1) In an environment like Reddit, that exists in the digital environment with no established set of laws or ethical rules, how can journalists prepare themselves for trolls and other extremists?

2) What effect do anonymous entities and personalities have on journalism on the web, especially looking at social media?

3) Is it journalism to ‘out’ anonymous profiles? Who does this serve?

4) With this extreme example in mind, what role does Reddit have in journalism, and how should journalists feel about using Reddit? Can Reddit be used for more than just distribution and news gathering? How?

5) Is it worth investing in networks like Google+ based solely on the growth and potential of the parent company? How should journalists approach networks that are yet to really take off as news platforms? Worth the time?

– Pat Radigan


About prad2

Senior journalism major at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln
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