five questions about snapchat

1.) Even though Snapchat is self destructing, screen shots can still preserve a snap forever. How do we make sure users are aware that even these apps aren’t totally harmless?

2.) How, if at all, can we use this app in journalism?

3.) How big of a concern is it that even an app like this is using us for marketing?

4.) Where will self-destructing social media develop in the future?

5.) How much can snap chat and similar apps really come back and haunt us?


About tbain425

I'm a 2nd year journalism student at a community college, planning to transfer to The University soon. I live a small city life in Midwest Nebraska, and have taken up blogging both as a hobby, and a start to the world of writing. It makes for a good record in the industry, but also a piece of mind and a chance to be heard in this big world.
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