CNN’s quick recovery didn’t stop mistake from spreading

June 28, 2012, the U.S. Supreme Court voted in favor of President Obama’s health care law. However, CNN and Fox News reported the opposite. According to Poynter’s currated article compiled that same day, CNN received more back lash than Fox News.

CNN sent out incorrect reports via the airwaves, website, email and Twitter. Nine minutes later, a correction was released. CNN’s on-site reporter Kate Boldaun received the incorrect report from a producer in the courtroom.

Jeff Sonderman’s Poynter article commented on other journalists’ reaction to the false report. A CNN reporter said she was embarrassed and a lot of reporters from different news organizations corrected the original report.

A region editor at AP sent out an email telling reporters to “stop taunting” CNN when AP reported the ruling correctly the first time.

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