BuzzFeed curation of rape victims’ tweets

On March 12, Twitter user @steenfox asked her followers to share what they were wearing when they were sexually assaulted.  She also prompted responders to let her know if if was okay to retweet their responses.  She got dozens of responses.

Jessica Testa, a BuzzFeed reporter, noticed these tweets and saw potential for an interesting story.  She asked individual Twitter users who had responded for permission to use their tweets and created this curation for BuzzFeed.  A note at the top of the post clearly states that all of the victims gave BuzzFeed permission to use their responses.

Many people were angry at Testa for identifying the victims, even though they had given her permission to do so.  @steenfox called Testa out for not getting permission from her to curate the tweets.  @steenfox wasn’t identified as a rape survivor in Testa’s story.  She was only identified as the person who posed the question.  It was later discovered that @steenfox was a rape survivor.  This Poynter article discusses the dilemma, which is particularly sensitive because of the sexual assault element.

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