Five Discussion Questions for April 9th

1. After reading Sullivan’s article, I realized that I never knew the Newtown shooter’s mom wasn’t an employee who worked at the elementary school. After wrong information has been sent out, Sullivan points out that readers only remember the wrong facts; besides correcting mistakes, how can news reporters try and make sure accurate facts are left with readers? Is it even possible?

2. Buzzfeed often receives criticism for posting controversial posts such as photos or links to accounts of accused people who may or may not in fact be guilty of crimes such as the Newtown shooting. What, if any, responsibility does Buzzfeed have in posting this type of content?
3. What are your thoughts on the following excerpt from Craig Silverman’s article:
“For some, this proves that social media is not an appropriate tool for journalism, particularly real-time news reporting,” writes Matthew Ingram at GigaOm. ”But I think it shows something very different: I think this is just the way the news works now, and we had better get used to it.”
4. Andy Carvin tweeted during the Newtown shooting “For those of you who think I’m posting everything I’m finding, I’m actually sitting on about 75% of what I know b/c contradictions abound.” What do you think about publicizing restraint?
5. Jeff Jarvis describes the “essence of credibility” when discussing words such as “alleged,” “reputed,” and other terms referring to what journalists don’t know and making that clear. Due to technology, how can journalists be better trained to always remember to remain credible, especially when on outlets such as Twitter they are limited in characters?
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