The Journal News publishes names and locations of gun permit holders after Sandy Hook

Shortly after the Sandy Hook shooting, the Westchester, NY based Journal News published an interactive map that featured the names and addresses of people in the area who held gun permits. While this information was legally obtained, the Journal News failed to provide a sound reasoning for publishing it other that it was timely, as gun laws were being heavily debated in the aftermath of Sandy Hook. In response, blogger and lawyer Chris Fountain published a similar map featuring the names, addresses, and phone numbers of 50 people who worked for the Journal News and its parent company Gannett. (International Business Times)

This Poynter article discusses some of the pros and cons of the Journal News’ decision to publish the map. Some felt that it was useful information while others felt that it was an invasion of privacy that could be harmful to the permit holders who were listed. Ultimately, the consensus is that the Journal News was not aggressive enough in defending its actions and the result was the huge amount of backlash the organization saw. 

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