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I'm a digital communications professional and a big fan of coffee, cats and gluten-free baked goods.

Ethics of social media research

Social media is increasingly being used to research human behavior and interaction. recently, studies have been conducted on the topic. A March 12 USA Today article discussed how private companies, like Google, Facebook and Target, are monitoring social media accounts and … Continue reading

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Twitter curation for March 31 – April 6

By: Whitney Carlson Storify curation for March 31 – April 6

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News outlets and community engagement: How to involve your audience

By: Whitney Carlson Jan Mayer’s “Community engagement: A practical conversation for newsrooms” was full of great ideas for how to connect and interact with your audience and community. In this post, I will give examples and describe some ideas that … Continue reading

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Five big questions for Jan. 27, 2014

By: Whitney Carlson 1.  Big-name news organizations are growing their online audiences, yet their revenue is still made through newspaper advertising. As the newspaper market shrinks and websites grow, how will these news organizations make money? 2.  If old technology … Continue reading

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